Soaring for Autism

Soaring for Autism is a unique experience for individuals of all ages. We know that traveling can
be difficult for some children and adults with Autism. We also know that preparation can help
make the travel experience easier. At Soaring for Autism, participants and their companions
(parents, caregivers, friends, siblings, etc.) experience many key steps of the traveling process.
The experience includes:

  • Parking in your chosen lot or being dropped off at the departure entrance
  • Taking the shuttle from the parking lot
  • Obtaining your boarding pass from the ticketing counter   
  • Being screened by TSA agents at security
  • Traveling to our assigned gate and visiting the airport’s sensory room if desired
  • Boarding the airplane and finding your seats
  • Listening to the announcements and preparing for takeoff
  • “Pushing back” from the gate
  • Exiting the plane
  • Traveling to baggage claim

Additionally, participants will be able to explore the plane and meet the pilot and flight
attendants. Soaring for Autism is one of our most popular events and one that families come
back for again and again! ASI thanks the Indianapolis International Airport, Delta Air Lines, and
the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for supporting our families!

If you have any questions or want to know when the next Soaring for Autism date will be,

please contact:

Mari Love

Senior Director of Events and Engagement



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