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Autism Society of Indiana Presentations

This three-part series has been created to help individuals affected by Autism. The series starts with Autism 101, which is basic information on what Autism is and strategies for dealing with Autism. The second presentation is the Family Supports Waiver Workshop: Designated to help families with individuals on the Autism spectrum apply for the Family Support Waiver in Indiana. Finally, Adults on the Autism Spectrum is focused on helping families navigate the transition into adulthood and how to find services as an adult.

Autism 101

This presentation is designed to educate individuals and organizations on basic information about autism. The Autism 101 presentation highlights behavioral, communication, and social challenges individuals with autism often experience. Strategies for assisting individuals on the autism spectrum are also covered. This presentation also highlights the challenges parents and individuals on the spectrum face during daily life. We conclude this presentation with helpful strategies to assist individuals with autism.

Family Support Waiver Workshop

Parents are often confused about what the Family Support Waiver does and what the waiver covers. In this workshop, we answer the questions including “What is the Family Support Waiver and what does the waiver cover?” This workshop is designed to help parents navigate the process of applying for the Family Supports Waiver from start to finish.

Preparing for Adulthood on the Spectrum

Adults on the Autism Spectrum are often lost and unsure of where to go to get answers. In this presentation, the Autism Society of Indiana focuses on the challenges of autism as an adult and where to find services in Indiana.



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