Direct Care

Information about Respite Care and Participant Assistance Care

Families and individuals affected by autism are able to access Respite Care and Participant Assistance & Care (PAC) services through all 92 counties in Indiana.

Respite Care services address the importance of caring for the caregiver. It affords the parent/guardian the opportunity to reconnect with a spouse, friends, and family; time to devote to a hobby or special event; or simply the time to refresh and re-energize, while knowing their loved one is taken care of.

Participant Assistance & Care (PAC) services allow individuals with autism to remain and live successfully in the environment they are comfortable in and to function and participate in their communities in order to promote independence.

Respite Care and PAC services can be accessed through the Indiana Medicaid Waiver. For more information about our Direct Care Services in your area contact:

Central Area – Courtney Wolley, Assistant Executive Director or call 800-609-8449 ext. 91

Northeast Area – Samantha Drudge, Northeast Area Supervisor or call 800-609-8449 ext. 14

Northwest Area – Kacy Hopper, Northwest Area Supervisor or call 800-609-8449 ext. 909

Follow this link to find your service area.

The ASI Direct Care Program is provided by ASI Direct Care Providers. If you are interested in becoming a Direct Care Provider, follow this link.