Launch Into Life


**Next Session: September 6th Virtual, September 7th in person  

Time: 4:00pm – 5:30 pm

Location: Virtual Tuesdays and in-person Wednesdays Tangram 5155 Pennwood Dr., Indianapolis

These session topics:

topics like Self-Advocacy, Creating Life Map, Decision Making, Goal Setting, Careers,
further Education, Money and Finance, Social Skills, Support, and Vision!
Launch into Life Program Mind Map

Project Objective: Too often, students with Autism Spectrum Disorder are leaving high school or spending the first several years out of high school without direction or focus.  It is such an intense focus to often navigate students successfully that the families don’t have time to think beyond getting through school.  Often, this leads students to be directionless and parents to scratch their heads about the next steps.

This program will address the shortcomings caused by the lack of systems in place for transition aged students between 16-25.  The Launch into Life program will provide a comprehensive plan utilizing the Life Course model to address goals in the areas of Daily Life and Employment, Community Living, Safety and Security, Healthy Living, Social and Spirituality, and Citizenship and Advocacy.

Through a series of ten classes and attention from autism professionals and guest speakers, we hope to improve their lives in practical aspects to help them be ready to move into an independent life.