Participant Bill of Rights

As an individual receiving services and supports from the Autism Society of Indiana (ASI), you have certain rights as a participant in ASI programs. You may request any of these items by contacting the ASI home office at 800-609-8449 or email

As a participant or the participant’s legal representative, you have the right to:

  1. Be free from verbal, physical, and psychological abuse and to be treated with dignity.
  2. Receive considerate and respectful care at all time, and to have your property treated with respect.
  3. Participate in the development of plans, receive an explanation of proposed services, changes in services, and alternative available services.
  4. Privacy and confidentiality about your health, social and financial circumstances and what takes place at your home.
  5. Know that all communications and records will be treated confidentially and that no information will be given out per ASI policies.
  6. Expect that ASI staff, within the limits set by the care plans, will respond in good faith to the client’s requests.
  7. Choose your provider of services and be informed of that right.
  8. Temporarily suspend, permanently terminate, temporarily add or permanently add services in the service plan.
  9. File grievances regarding services furnished or regarding the lack of respect for property by ASI or its staff, and you will not be subject to discrimination or reprisal for filing a grievance.
    1. To file a grievance, contact Greg Boyce, Executive Director by calling (800) 609- 8449 x11 or email .
    2. To file a grievance with the Family and Social Services Agency, complaints can be filed via email at or through the BQIS toll free phone number (866) 296- 8322
  10. Receive information about ASI’s policies and procedures including charges for the service we provide, qualifications and supervision of personnel, hours of operation, and discontinuation of service, and to request new provider.
  11. Obtain, on written request, the names and address of all persons having at least a 5% ownership or controlling interest in ASI.