ABA Reimbursement

In July of 2019, Anthem, one of the largest providers of health insurance in the state of Indiana, cut their reimbursement rate for Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy (ABA) by 35%. ABA therapy is based on the science of learning and behavior. ABA therapy is an evidence-based therapy used for many individuals affected by autism. It applies our understanding of how behavior works to real situations. The goal is to increase behaviors that are helpful and to decrease behaviors that are harmful or affect learning. The Autism Society of Indiana (ASI) believes that Anthem’s cut to this valuable therapy is unfair, unethical and was not properly communicated to the individuals and families who need these services.

ASI believes that Anthem’s cut has the potential to set a precedent that other providers will be inclined to follow. ASI is deeply concerned about the effect that this significant cut will have to ABA providers and ultimately, to individuals with autism and their families.  To provide quality ABA therapy, a center must be able to keep qualified staff and be able to keep them up to date with adequate training and continuing education. ASI believes that everyone with autism deserves the highest quality of services and we fear that this move on the part of Anthem will have both a short-term and long-term negative impact on every individual with autism in need of ABA therapy and their families.

The Autism Society of Indiana implores Anthem to protect individuals with autism in Indiana by reconsidering and rescinding these cuts. ASI is asking Anthem to not only rescind these cuts in their entirety but to retroactively reimburse ABA centers for ABA services rendered while these cuts have been in place. We at ASI will be happy to convene transparent discussions with all involved to advocate for fair reimbursement rates for ABA care. ASI will continue to provide resources to help people answer the difficult questions involved with an autism diagnosis and care of the individual and family affected.

Please contact your State Legislator, Governor Eric Holcomb, and Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch with correspondence involving these rate cuts.  Find your legislator with the following link.


Contact the Indiana Department of Insurance about the unfair insurance cuts.


Contact your employer’s Human Resources department and express your concern about Anthem’s rate reimbursements.


We need to let everyone know the repercussions that Anthem’s actions may have on the ABA centers, State resources, and some of our most vulnerable Hoosiers.

Download ASI Statement for Anthem Cuts 2019