Autism Support Groups and Branches


The Autism Society of Indiana is proud to support individuals and their families throughout Indiana.  If you are interested in joining an Autism Support Group, please contact us at or contact the Autism Ally in your area.


ASI Autism Support Groups and Branches

ASI Clinton County Support Group

Huntington Autism Support Group

Autism Support Group of Wabash/Miami County

Logansport Support Group for Autism

Encourage, Empower, and Enjoy the Autism Spectrum (EEE) – Fort Wayne


Follow this link to find other Support Groups around Indiana.

Autism Society of Indiana Branch Structure

The Autism Society of Indiana (ASI) is committed to supporting all people affected by autism in Indiana. In order to do this, we rely on members of the community to extend the reach of ASI staff. The ASI Branch structure is an extension of the ASI home office in Indianapolis.  Branches are considered fully integrated into the ASI organization representing their own community at the city, district, or county level.

Branches are different from Support Groups as they are generally formed to hold events or fundraisers for the community.

Through the Branch Agreement, ASI is able to decrease the amount of administration required by groups by utilizing existing operational functions like: targeted email marketing, notifications to Branch members, grants and fiscal management, invitations, and registrations. Also, the organizational insurance and risk coverage may extend to Branches in many cases, increasing the security of our members.

If you’re interested in starting an ASI Branch, follow this link.