Respite Care

4618317034_172x261 Respite Care services address the importance of caring for the caregiver; the daily stresses of caring for someone with autism can range from practical problems such as sleep deprivation from caring for a child who is not sleeping, to emotional problems like guilt and marital strife.

Parents and Caregivers of children with autism report that finding a person to care for their child with autism is one of the most needed supports for the well being of their family.  Taking a break from non-stop caregiving is vital for maintaining one’s health and well-being. In order to take care of their children, parents must take care of themselves.  Unfortunately, parents of children with autism feel extraordinary guilt; feeling like they should be able to take care of it all.

With respite, caregivers can participate in activities that help them reconnect with their spouses, other children, and most importantly, themselves.

While it’s clear that parents and guardians need a break, the child also can benefit from respite care. Many children with autism grow up knowing only their direct family, but it’s good to help them establish relationships with other caregivers. This kind of interaction can help a child become a little more independent and a little less dependent on you

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