Community Outreach

Community Outreach is provided by ASI Community Outreach Ally

ASI is very active in the communities around Indiana serving families and individuals affected by autism. We have multiple special events and programs around the state.

Upcoming 2018 ASI Events

Central Indiana Autism Expo – March 17, 2018 – Indiana State Fairgrounds Harvest Pavilion

Soaring for Autism – April 14th – Indianapolis International Airport (registration will be open soon)

Autism Acceptance Around the Fort – September 9th – Allen County Fairgrounds (AKA Autism Acceptance Walk) 


Another ASI Community Outreach program is Soaring for Autism. Soaring for Autism is a unique experience for individuals of all ages with autism.  We know that traveling can be difficult for some children and adults with autism. We also know that preparation is the key to helping make the travel experience easier. Participants with autism and their companion (parents, caregivers, friends, siblings) will experience the steps most people take when coming to the airport.


Find out more about our Autism Friendly Employer Pilot Program. Employers today are looking for ways to offer their employees additional benefits that provide real value and don’t cost much.  For those 1 in 68 employees who are dealing with the real issues facing them and their family regarding autism, our program can make a real difference to them, as well as offer solutions to employers who need workers to remain efficient and effective at work.