Board Members

ASI is governed by a ten-member board of directors that meets at least bi-monthly to provide leadership and guidance in areas of budgeting, human resources, fiscal oversight, strategic planning, advocacy and fundraising. Board members are also responsible for helping to raise funds to support ASI, as well as contribute financially themselves through the ASI Board Give-or-Get requirement.

Board President, Tom Darling

Pearson Education

(Parent of a child with autism)

Since 2014


Board Treasurer, Kelli McKinzie, CPA

Since 2012


Board Secretary, Melissa McCaffrey

Third House Legislative Relations

(Parent of child with autism)

Since 2014


Chad Pryor

HighPoint Global

Since 2013


Beau Bedeaux

BDW Legal

Since 2014


Thomas Harper

Gillian and Harper Law

Since 2013


Steve Ott

(parent of child with autism)

Since 2017


Scott Colclasure

(parent of child with autism)

Since 2017