Action Alert: National #SaveMedicaid Day – June 6th

June 6th is National #SaveMedicaid Day

Join advocates across the country, Tuesday, June 6, for National #SaveMedicaid DayTake action to help prevent over $800 billion in cuts to Medicaid and save vital services people with disabilities rely on to live and actively participate in their communities.

Contact Your Representative by calling and sending an email!

Find your Indiana State Legislator

Find your United States Representative

Find your United States Senator

Use Social Media

Help spread the word about #SaveMedicaid by using your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc). Use the hashtag #SaveMedicaid. You can also tag your representative in your post to share your concerns. Here is some example post you can use to #SaveMedicaid.

Remember to SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! When you see other posts about #SaveMedicaid share it with ALL your contacts to help spread the word! 

Watch the Rally in Washington

You can watch the rally in Washington D.C. to #SaveMedicaid on Facebook @DisabilityActionUSA. More information about the rally.

Meet with your Representative

You can always go to your local representative office to meet in person to discuss your concerns about #SaveMedicaid. Follow this link for talking points.

Take a Selfie and Share Your Reasons to #SaveMedicaid

Stories and photos have major power. Print out this #SaveMedicaid Poster and use the blank space to write how cuts and caps to Medicaid will affect you. Take a selfie while holding your sign and post it to social media, tagging #SaveMedicaid and your Member of Congress (find your Members of Congress and their twitter account here).


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